Quotes about The Songwriter Serenade

For a songwriter this is a Hawaiian vacation...a place to bask in the warm sunshine of good music and an attentive audience. ~ Mike Fleming

"JC's Songwriter Serenade is a terrific place to play or come have dinner and listen. The sound System is good, the audience tends to listen and the food is good. What more can you ask for?" ~ Lorin Hart


J.C. Hyke has harnessed the creative energies and aspirations of L.A.'s fine talent pool of songwriters, and somehow entices it all out to Arcadia on a consistent basis every Tuesday night. His talent as performer and gracious ringmaster creates a welcoming community vibe that brings them all back again and again to repeat the thoroughly enjoyable experience of playing in front of an appreciative listening audience of peers and fans. And hey, the food is great, too! ~ Duane Thorin

"I love playing JC's Songwriter Serenade at Matt Denny's.  The sound is great, the other acts are always a revelation, JC himself is terrific, and the burger is amazing.   Thanks to JC, I have some loyal Arcadia fans! Thanks, JC!"
~ Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements

The audiences are warm, and the martinis are cold. The way it should be.

~ Michael Jackson Moore

The Songwriter Serenade has become an institution in LA's San Gabriel Valley; an institution where you can always discover the best in undiscovered or breaking songwriting talent.   ~ John Cate

"I'm amazed how many good songwriters are out there. This show gives so many artists a chance to show off their talents, I always hear something new that I like." ~ Craig Aldrich

I love performing at J.C.’s Songwriter Serenade! A very warm atmosphere, and a great sound system. Plus, yummy food and drinks, so when I want to go as an audience member, I look forward to having dinner there, which is quite reasonable. It is really a lovely hang. And, btw, J.C. is a HELL of a great guy!  ~ Jill Freeman

     Why do so many professional touring musicians and singer/songwriters love to come to JC’s “Songwriter Serenade” and play a few songs for free? Because they know they will be sharing the stage with a whole slate of other talented songwriters, (often people they’ve never heard before,) and they know they will always have an attentive listening audience.

Why do NON performers love to go? Pretty much the same reason. They know there will always be good music, performances they will enjoy, usually some surprises, good food, and they will be sharing the experience with a room full of friendly and equally appreciative music lovers.

I’ve played “The Songwriter Serenade” many times, and look forward to doing so again, but I’ve been in the audience far more often than I’ve been onstage. I’m always glad I went.  ~ John M.

By handpicking only the finest songwriters HE wants to see, JC Hyke has established one of the finest shows on the circuit!  Any Tuesday I'm not rehearsing or gigging, You'll find me at Songwriter Serenade! ~ Jimi Yamagishi

JC Hyke is a talented and entertaining MC. He has a knack for booking 1st Rate Talent! It is easily the best live music on the east side! ~ Chuck Roberts

What a great vibe J.C.'s show has.  It's such a pleasure to join with three or four other songwriters to present your material to a friendly and appreciative audience.  A rare gem for musicians and music fans alike  ~ Jordan Sollitto

Music soothes my soul. The Songwriter Serenade is a great place to unwind, relax, have a great meal, and meet with my music family. It takes a lot of dedication to keep this show running for 4 1/2 years. Thanks to our host J.C. Hyke for keeping a good thing going! I have had the opportunity to enjoy the music of so many talented artists and met many new friends as well. ~ Anne Dixon

“J.C. offers a home to some of the finest singer-songwriters around, veterans and newcomers alike. The Songwriter Serenade is a mid-week bright spot where Angelenos can hang out with old musical friends and discover new ones, all in the intimate atmosphere of Matt Denny’s patio. As a performer, I’m grateful to have a stage, a mic, and a supportive audience to try out my new songs. As a fan, I’m delighted to have a cozy space to catch up with my contemporaries and help celebrate their talent."  ~ Leslie Beauvais

"I always look forward to playing The Songwriter Serenade...and to seeing & hearing J.C. Hyke play, as well as all the great artists he books.  It's a Fantastic night of music & friends!"  ~ Wendy Conrad

Where all the talented singer/songwriters of LA come to play. ~ Tapia Corel