The Tip Jar Song

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke


      Here comes the tip jar around the whole bar

      Drop in a dollar, five or ten ( Yee-haw )

      That way our singing and our playing

      Will all be worth it in the end


We’ve got a tip babe coming your way

She’s gonna thank you with her smile

Bring on the cold beer

We’re having fun here

Partying with all ya’all awhile


Repeat Chorus


This blue haired honey offered big money

For me and the boys to moon the crowd

I don’t want to take it, so help us make it

‘Cause it might get ugly dropping trough


Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus


If you’re a hottie with a hot body

Feel free to throw your number in

Or if you’re wealthy and your wallet’s healthy

Donate a big fat Benjamin

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

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ASCAP © 2012 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2012 Kettle Ridge Publishing