Fallin' In Love 

Words & Music by J.C. Hyke

I gotta call from my old good friend Ray and he says man where were you

The party raged on passed two

He says I promised him I’d be there and the boys were all let down

I might as well come out with it right now

This girl I met last Wednesday

I made her dinner here last night, under candlelight


Fallin’ in love,  no place that I’d rather be 

Fallin’ in love,  like I’ve won the lottery

Fallin’ in love,  catch me, I’m falling fast

It’s way too early to be introducing her to all of you

Don’t want the hen to fly the coop

But if you took every magic potion and mixed ‘em up and shook ‘em down

You’d never find the chemistry we’ve found

Well I don’t want to jinx it 

But I think she’s the one for me, and I’m finally   -  Repeat Chorus:


I’ve never felt this kind of passion ( Never felt that kind of love )

Or such a soft and gentle kiss

Some kind of magnetic attraction (Some kind of force is pulling us )

For nothin’, no one would I miss, the chance to be  -  Repeat Chorus:

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ASCAP © 2003 J. C. Hyke   ASCAP © 2003 Kettle Ridge Publishing